The advantages of Gabelmaxx are measurable and highly estimated in the specialist press.


Save up to 30% of bedding

You can save up to 30% of bedding by using Gabelmaxx. This is done by the vibration of the fork teeth in a certain frequency. This has been confirmed in a test done by Oliver Sturm (Silver Diamond Ranch).

Save up to 50 % of time

The journal "equitrends" holds the following opinion: "The time advantage can be felt the most clearly if you muck out for a second time." You save not only a lot of time, but also al lot of physical power and you will protect your joints because of the vibrating fork teeth.

Made in Germany

Gabelmaxx was developed and tested in Germany/Bavaria. The product is assembled in Germany and consists, except for very few parts, for example the accumulators, of parts "made in Germany" only.




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